Designing a Gun Rack Designing a Gun Rack

There are many things you need to take into consideration when designing your own gun rack. Keep in mind that this type of fixture is predominantly used as a security feature to protect others living in your home. Although a gun rack can have a certain aesthetic value, it needs to be considered as a safety addition before anything else.


Location is the first thing you need to factor into your gun rack design. You need to ensure the gun rack fits into a location that experiences low-traffic, yet remains accessible. It also has to be in a place where children will not be able to reach it easily. Choose a location and base your measurements for the gun rack around this particular spot.


The type of guns you own will determine the size of your gun rack. If you own rifles, you will have to create a large, rectangular gun rack that can hold multiple rifles in a stack. If you own a selection of hand guns, small three-tier gun holders are the way forward in terms of a design. Stick to a design that will help the gun rack blend in with the rest of your house. You may have different sizes of guns, so stack them in size order to optimize the visual aspects of the rack.


There are two ways to secure your gun rack in your home. The first is by using lag bolts to fix the gun rack to the floor. This can be done to secure the rack to either concrete or wood and is highly recommended. Hand gun racks can be mounted to the wall using wall bracket or a mounting kit. Position your hand gun rack in the middle of a wall if you want it to be a centerpiece. A freestanding gun rack could easily break if someone is able to push it over.


Locks are arguably the biggest design point you will have to consider. You need to pick a lock which is strong and can keep curious children out, while still being easy for you to unlock at a moment's notice. Two specific locks are suggested.

First, try a deadbolt lock, as this ticks all of the boxes in terms of being strong and durable. However, if you want something more secure, consider an electronic system. This would be much harder for a burglar or child break into because only you get to know the combination.


The sight of raw wood or shining metal will make the image of the guns look much more menacing and serve as a distraction to potential intruders. Your gun rack is a security feature before it can be considered anything else. Sand away and clean any rough spots, but do not stain the wood or coat the metal. An edgy appearance can be much more suitable for a gun rack than decorative staining or polishing.

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