Designing a Hot Tub Gazebo

What You'll Need
Hinged benches
Laundry basket
Outdoor shower screens
Pest repelling plants

If you want privacy and comforts to go along with your hot tub, you'll need to design it to include a hot tub gazebo. It can be elaborate or simple based on your needs and expectations. It can be as complex as having elaborate plumbing, electrical systems, an audio system, and insulation that will allow you to use your gazebo throughout all seasons of the year, or something as simple as a floor and a roof supported by simple pillars. Whatever time and expense you wish to spend building your gazebo, before you buy your first piece of material or swing the first stroke of your hammer, you'll need to design it. You'll need to know what materials you'll need, what tools you'll need, etc. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Step 1 – Planning Your Gazebo's Size

One of your first steps will be to plan how large you want you gazebo to be. In addition to the hot tub, you'll need to know what else to include. If it’s being used only for the hot tub, you must also include room in the plans for a few smaller items, such as towel racks, cabinets for storage of towels, a bench to sit on, and possibly one or two amenities, such as a stereo system. However, if you plan to spend more time in your gazebo, you may want to plan for television outlets, phone jacks and possibly a table and chairs where you can play cards or eat a casual lunch.

Step 2 – Planning for a Raised Floor

Assuming you will want a flush floor level hot tub, you'll need enough space beneath the tub for plumbing. If you plan to use the gazebo in colder winter months, you'll need to design it to allow for installation of insulation and an enclosure to keep animals such as skunks from nesting in it.

Step 3 – Planning for Location and Position

For an enclosed gazebo where you want privacy from passersby or neighbors, you'll want to plan in advance which side of your gazebo your windows and doors will be located on and whether you'll want a sliding glass door or one that's solid. Will you want windows on the south side for warmth from the sun during colder month or shade from the sun on hotter summer months. How far from your house will you want your gazebo? If you expect to use it during winter months when there could be snow and ice, you may want it close enough to your home so that you and your guests will not have to walk far through the snow and cold.

Step 4 – Planning for Conveniences

In your designing, consider the conveniences you'll want, such as wall hooks for hanging clothes or robes, for example, or a mini-fridge, a ceiling fan for hot weather, a wall heater for colder weather. For more intimate settings, you may want to plan for low-light lamps or a dimmer switch. In colder months, you might appreciate having a wall heater or two.