Designing a Mediterranean Style Roof Frame

The roof frame for a Mediterranean style roof is generally not all that different from most other roof frames. Commonly recognized by the red roof tiles, this style of roof is easily recognizable and frequently found on homes in areas with a strong Spanish influence.

Roof Styles
With many smaller houses, the roof is a simple flat or low pitched roof that is covered with tar paper and gravel and only the porch roof is covered with red roof tiles. This provides the suggestion of a Mediterranean style house without the overly elaborate roof of a larger home. This is particularly true if the home is further designed with stucco that enhances the suggestion of Mediterranean style.

Larger home have much more elaborate roof frame styles and may include not only a hip roof, but also round turrets or barrel roofs over the various wings or the home structure. Often larger homes have red roof tiles or composite roof tiles that have the appearance of the original clay roof tiles that are common to Mediterranean style homes found in California, Arizona and New Mexico.