Designing a Playground with Playground Mulch

Designing a layout with playground mulch can prove to be a more difficult job than you may think. You have to make sure that you are keeping the safety of the children who will be playing in mind when it comes to every aspect of the design process. Here are a few things that you need to consider when working with playground mulch.


Rubber mulch for playgrounds is made completely out of recycled tires and it is made to protect children while playing. This type of mulch is approved specifically for playgrounds. It also does not fall apart or decay so you will end up with a lasting playground which is a very good investment for a community to make.


Playground mulch can prove to be much safer for kids, especially rubber mulch than regular mulch. It is made with the use of kids in mind and is safe to fall on without injury. It will cushion the impact of the fall when someone goes down from the equipment. It is also not slippery so you do not have to worry about children falling like they would on other surfaces.


The design aspect of playground mulch is endless. It comes in a range of colors and can be used to  form designs that children can learn through or play with. Many times the the rubber mulch will have the alphabet or train tracks. There are so many different ways you can add other elements of fun to the playground using this kind of mulch. Even if you decide that you want to keep the focus on the actual equipment, you can still use several different colors of mulch to make the playground look more appealing to the children as well as the neighborhood as a whole. It can also be used as the barrier around the inside of the playground and can be packed together.


This type of mulch is pretty easy to install, even when you add on different designs. You can always work with your budget by keeping it simple with one or two colors or expanding it if you have a larger budget or design dream. Many times they can work with a budget and let you know how far or how detailed you can go with the mulch. Because rubber playground mulch is made from recycled tires you can often get a very good deal on your design. There is also generally a lifetime warranty when it comes to playground mulch which can help you save on costs for the future as well.