Designing a Pool Cabana Designing a Pool Cabana

What You'll Need
Graph paper
Tape measure

A pool cabana can be a handsome addition to a house. Set outside by the pool, it can be as basic as a changing room with a shower, or as elaborate as a guest house. Much will depend on the space and the budget you have available. You might well need permission to build the pool cabana. Before proceeding, be aware of the building codes in your area.

Step 1 - Measurements

Begin by measuring the area when you plan to put the pool cabana. Look at the ground too, to be sure you’ll be able to construct the pool cabana on it. You will need to level it and put in a concrete slab. This should be the same size as the pool cabana, although you could allow for a patio in from of the building, ideally of natural stone.

Step 2 - Size

Once you know how much room you have for your pool cabana, you can decide how big it should be. Where money is tight, making a basic cabana is the best option. Where you have a large budget you can make it into a guest room, complete with small kitchen and day bed.

Step 3 - Entry

With a large cabana, you can use sliding glass doors for the entry. This will bring ample light into the pool cabana, but remember that you will also need a private area where people can change out of view. This can be in the same area as the indoor shower and bathroom, which are vital parts of a cabana guesthouse.

Step 4 - Kitchen

Having a galley kitchen area in the pool cabana makes it more useful, and saves going in the house for food and drink. It doesn’t need to be large; a sink, dorm refrigerator and microwave oven will be adequate. As the area is for pool use, include a stackable washer and dryer (these will take up less room) for washing swimming gear.

Step 5 - Shower

Although you may have a shower inside a guest house cabana, all cabanas should include an outdoor shower at the side. This allows people to wash off after using the pool and before using the cabana, even if the cabana is just a glorified changing room.

Step 6 - Awning

Having an awning that will retract over the front of the cabana will mean it can be used for longer periods. You and your guests can sit there in the shade. Do make sure that the awning is retractable, though, so it can be taken in during bad weather.

Step 7 - Design

Having decided what you need and can afford, sketch out the design on graph paper, splitting up the interior of the pool cabana into the appropriate sections. Remember that it will need to be at least 8 feet in height, so you should make allowances for this when sketching in the elevations. Once your designs are complete, check with a builder on the feasibility of your design.

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