Designing a Pool House? 7 Things to Remember Designing a Pool House? 7 Things to Remember

A pool house can be a luxurious addition to a house. When designing one, however, there are several things to bear in mind. These will make your pool house more useful and more attractive. It’s worth taking the time first to discover what will be allowed until your local building codes and adapting your design to that. There are a number of things needed in any pool house, though.

1 - Awning

Have a retractable awning in front of your pool house. That allows you to use the area in the hottest part of the day and also provides cover so you can sit outside during a shower without becoming wet. By having it retractable the awning can be pushed up against the pool house when the weather turns bad or extremely windy.

2 - Patio

A natural stone patio in front of the pool house looks good, and offers an excellent social area. Use natural stone for this for the best effect, although a wooden patio can work very well with some designs.

3 - Bathroom

A pool house needs a bathroom. It doesn’t have to be grand; a shower instead of a bath is perfectly adequate-but it makes the pool house much more useful to house guests if needed. It also means that people don’t have to traipse into the main house to use the bathroom. An outdoor shower by the pool house offers a quick way to freshen up and remove chlorine after using the pool.

4 - Kitchen

Make sure there’s a basic kitchen in the pool house. Have a dorm sized refrigerator and a microwave oven, and install a washer and dryer, preferably stacking so they don’t take up too much of the limited room. By employing a galley style kitchen you make the most of the room.

5 - Entry

The pool house can be designed in a much more open way than a regular house. Use sliding glass doors along most of the frontage, although be aware that you do need a private area that’s out of sight for the bathroom and bedroom. A full glass frontage makes a powerful statement, as well as bringing a great deal of light into the pool house.

6 - Materials

The materials you use for the pool house will depend on the design of the rest of your house. Make sure it fits in well with its surroundings. You also have the chance to be green with the pool house. As it won’t be used too much you can put solar panels on the roof and use those to power the building; you might well be able to generate enough power to heat the water and power most of the appliances.

7 - Design

Have the design of the building reflect that of the main house. The more sympathetic it is, the more it will look like a perfectly natural addition to the property. Make the most of natural features in the property around the pool house. Always talk to a builder or architect after making rough plans to see what is viable.

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