Designing an Indoor Barbecue Pit

What You'll Need
Large paper pad
Tape measures

An indoor barbecue pit is one of the most appealing things you can have inside your home. This will create a brilliant and fascinating way to impress your guests. However, there are many things you need to consider in your design.

Step 1: Safety

You must always think about safety first. You will be cooking over an open flame which immediately brings hazards to mind. Look around the area where you want your barbecue pit to be. Make a list of potential fire hazards and address each one in turn before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Adapting

An indoor barbecue kit will commonly be situated in an old or unused fireplace. You may have to adapt this if the fireplace is not deep enough. Design a large indoor barbecue pit that always keeps the flames beneath the open space. Make a list of the tools you'll need for this. This will ensure that smoke and fumes flow up and out of the chimney.

Step 3: Your Materials

It is a good idea to use the same sort of bricks which currently form the fireplace. You will also need holding sealants and fire extinguishers to optimize safety. Start from the bottom of your design and make a list of materials as you go.