Designing an Indoor Porch Addition for Your Winter Home

Making a porch addition for any home can be a daunting project, but designing an appropriate porch for a winter home can be especially challenging. A winter home is likely to be used during cold weather, and oftentimes, the best types of porches to include are those that are indoor. However, you'll want to make sure that the porch itself is fully compatible with your home and that it also falls into place with the design and aesthetic look of the home as well. Read on for a brief guide on how to design a porch addition for your winter home.

Tools and Materials

  • Measuring tape
  • Building plans
  • Pencil and paper
  • Straight edge

Step 1 -- Examine Your Home for Design Ideas

The first thing that you should do is to examine your home to get ideas for the design of the porch. An indoor porch can be a lot of different things. It can be built into a space that is already existing in your home, or it can be included as a separate addition to the home. It can be covered in a variety of different ways and may be built using a number of different materials for the roofing, flooring and walls. Look at the area of your home where you plan to install the porch, and determine the size and type of porch you'd like. Consider also the materials that you'll use to build the porch.

Step 2 -- Draw Up Plans

With your idea for the concept of the porch in mind, secure a copy of the blueprints or the plans for your home. Look to the area in which you'll install the porch, and make a photocopy of the plans or trace them onto another sheet of paper. Use measuring tape to determine the exact dimensions of the area that exists on your house currently and how large the porch should be.

When you have this information handy, begin to draw up sample designs of the porch using pencil and paper. Use a straight edge to be sure that you're designing the plans as accurately as possible.

Step 3 -- Check Over Plans

Because you should be concerned about the safety and feasibility of the plans that you've made for your winter home porch addition, you should take your completed plans to a construction company or to an independent contractor or engineer to have them looked over. Make sure that the porch and any additions to the porch area will be manageable and possible and that the porch itself will not run the risk of collapsing or causing any other potential problems.

Step 4 -- Price and Purchase Materials

The materials that you use will have an impact on factors like feasibility and cost. Visit a home improvement center and price out different materials. Be flexible and keep in mind that you may have to purchase materials other than the ones that you had in mind if they will be better for your project.