Designing an Outdoor Tile Countertop Designing an Outdoor Tile Countertop

A tile countertop on your deck or balcony can be an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your home while simultaneously adding a surface for meals and other activities. Outdoor countertops made of mosaic tile are similar to indoor countertops of the same type, but there are certain key differences that you should consider when planning to set up or design a countertop.

Select the Appropriate Materials for an Outdoor Tile Countertop

Mosaic tile countertops must be able to withstand natural wear and tear. An outdoor countertop may look beautiful upon installation, but if the tiles are not durable or appropriate for the climate and weather conditions of your location, that countertop may suffer severe damage in a matter of weeks. As you are planning your outdoor tile countertop, ensure that you select materials that are weather-resistant. Some of the most durable tiles—and those that suffer the least when exposed to the elementa—are made from limestone, slate and flagstone. These tiles may last for years without suffering considerable damage, but some maintenance will nevertheless be necessary.

When selecting materials for your tile countertops, consider the function of your counter. Some types or colors of tile will become excessively hot in direct sunlight, and these may not be the best tiles for a table-style countertop or one where people will routinely rest their arms or hands. Other types of tile may become slippery and grimy in the rain.

Choosing a Pattern, Color and Style

The color of your outdoor countertop should match the surrounding colors without standing out or drawing unnecessary attention. Consider the color of your deck or balcony surface, as well as the color of your home and any prominent flowers or plants that are nearby. Many homeowners select earth tones for their outdoor countertops, as these tend to hold up well over time and fit with the surrounding colors and fixtures. Black and white patterns are also common. There are a wide variety of tile colors and designs to select, and this is an important consideration as you are designing your countertop.

Design Tips for Your Outdoor Tile Countertop

Once you have decided the materials and pattern for your tile countertop, consider what the countertop will be used for and where it will be located. Cement and concrete countertops should only be installed on firm foundations that are capable of supporting substantial weight. If you are building a countertop from concrete or cement, ensure that the countertop itself will not be so large as to risk damaging the foundation upon which it is built.

You should also consider the functionality of your countertop as you are designing it. If you will use the countertop as an outdoor table, design the countertop so that the top surface is rounded and large enough to accommodate a full meal. On the other hand, your needs may recommend a long, narrow countertop or one of another shape.

Consider the climate, appearance and function of your countertop as you are designing it in order to create the perfect countertop for your needs. If you have further concerns or questions, consult with a home improvement center or specialist.

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