Designing Contemporary Headboards Designing Contemporary Headboards

Designing a contemporary headboard is not only fun it can be very easy or very complex. You don’t need any special skills; just time, patience and a great imagination. You can buy, make or salvage, materials. A headboard is often the focal point of any bedroom. You can personalize your own bedroom with an artistic headboard, or make a guest feel even more welcome in a guest room by providing a well designed headboard.

Basic Frame

Make a simple square frame out of wood or metal or PVC. You can attach most of the following ideas to this basic frame.

Upholstered Headboard

Stretch ordinary batting over the basic frame. Stretch any upholstery material over the batting over the frame using a staple gun. You can create the look of button tucks by sewing buttons to the top of the material and pulling the thread tightly though to the underside of the batting.

Basket Weave Headboard

Add a few poles to the inside of the basic frame. You can weave any material leather, plastic, bamboo, or plastic webbing, anything you can think of can create weave pattern. It is really not necessary to include extra poles, you can hang strips of material in one direction with a staple gun and then weave other strips across creating the basket weave.


Spray paint a variety of picture frames to match your décor. Place the frames in a manner that gives the illusion of a headboard. You can place pictures in the frames or leave them empty with the wall showing through. You can changes to look anytime you like simply by changing what is in the frames.

Fireplace Screen

Metal fireplace screens generally come with three hinged panels. They are available in a variety of designs and sizes. They can be screwed to the wall above the bed creating a great headboard.

Bamboo Headboards

Roll up bamboo shades are inexpensive and easy to work with; you can hang them on a decorative rod. Unroll it and there you are, instant headboard. You can attach pictures to the shade. Paint the shade one color or use it as a canvas to paint a great tropical scene.

Room Dividers

Purchase unfinished room dividers open them up and lean them behind the bed. Make your own room divider with balsa wood and a few hinges, cover the panels with material or paint it.


Junk yards, garage sales, second hand stores are all brimming with inexpensive materials to use for designing contemporary head boards. You can buy a $30 couch, take it apart and make a headboard. Large cracked mirror frames, an assortment of clocks arranged in the basic frame, hang a table top behind the bed; these can all be salvaged and re-purposed.

A contemporary headboard does not need to be exact in size. When creating your contemporary headboard remember; there are no rules, your own taste and décor will dictate what fits the best in your room.

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