4 Custom Closet Door Designs

The closet doors in your home are a part of the décor of the room. They are often overlooked as a great possibility to create a look in a room that is truly unique. There are a number of things that you can do with your closet doors to improve the appearance of the entire room. With a little bit of creativity, you can design custom closet doors on your own.

Fabric Covered Doors
Fabric is a wonderful way to add color and pizzazz to a room without using paint. Not only will you be able to choose a bold color for the fabric, but you will also be able to choose some wonderful patterns for the fabric as well. There are many more options available to you when you use fabric on your custom closet doors and walls.

Simply choose the fabric that you want to use and that will fit in with the décor of the room and pull it tightly across the door. Attach it with staples or glue to ensure it has a tight fit. You can also pad the fabric and add a new dimension to the custom closet doors. This will add texture as well as color to your room.

Stenciled Custom Closet Doors
Take a plain door and make it unique with a stenciled design. If you are artistic, you can paint a lovely scene on the door that will provide a functional work of art in the room. Lace makes a wonderful stencil for a door and can be used to accent the door along the edges.

Wooden Sliding Doors
Sliding custom closet doors are a wonderful choice when they are done in wood. These doors can add an element of elegance to a room. Instead of the typical painted door, give some well polished wood a try to add some excitement to the room.

French Doors
French doors are a wonderful choice for a custom closet. Of course, you will have to make sure that the interior of the closet is well organized because everyone will see what is beyond the closet doors. With a well designed interior closet, French doors are a stylish choice for your custom closet doors.

Use your imagination when you are designing your custom closet doors. You can combine a number of these ideas together to make a one of a kind closet door. Stencil the doors and add fabric for a look that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

The doors that you choose for your custom closet doors will be a part of the overall look of the room. Mirrors are often used to increase the appearance of the room and are a very handy item to have in your room for dressing. Keep the décor of the room in mind when you are selecting your custom doors. Put your own style and taste into the doors and they will become much more than just the doorway to your wardrobe. They will add a dramatic element to your room.