Designing An English Country Kitchen Designing An English Country Kitchen

 by Jessica Ackerman

English country is a very appealing style and is perfect for houses built with natural materials like wood, stone, and brick. Designing a kitchen in this style integrates the simple and practical with the comfortable and eclectic. The look of an English country kitchen can be casual like one in a small countryside cottage, or more formal while maintaining its comfortable, unimposing feel.

Soft and warm colors

Pay attention to the natural colors found in the countryside and traditional cottage garden as you select colors for your kitchen. Subtle shades such as a faded blue, pale yellow, rose, and lavender work well in an English country styled room. Warm tones are typically used in the kitchen. Go for a relaxed look with creamy walls or a warm earthen feel with a light red.

Wood cabinetry and countertops

Wood is the main material used in construction of kitchen cabinets and countertops. Cabinets should be simple and sturdy with plain or paneled doors. Often, cabinets are whitewashed and may have a distressed paint finish to create the impression of being well-used. Incorporate large metal hinges and round, wooden or ceramic knobs to enhance the English country look. Countertops look appealing in a warm cherry wood finish, and a kitchen island in the same finish is a common feature.

Comfortable, weathered look

Rather than extravagant and ornate, English country style is homey and cozy. Items such as a warm hearth rug, patchwork or knitted throws on wooden kitchen chairs, and weathered pitchers of tin or earthenware complete the look. Go for patterns that are not too well-matched, in fabrics like chintz, tweed, and chenille. In keeping with the style, fabrics look best if they are gently worn, instead of new and crisp.

Rustic features and accessories

Highlight the features in your kitchen that have the rustic country style in them, like a beamed ceiling, or a stone fireplace. You may find interesting pieces at antique stores or flea markets that fit in perfectly with your décor, like an old china hutch or an antique English stove. Look for copper pots and pans that you can hang from a suspended metal pot rack. Cast iron skillets, ceramic plates, and large pitchers are other kitchenware that are both practical and add to the country style.
In an English country kitchen, accessories can be a cluttered but controlled addition to the space. You may want to display pretty china on shelves, jars of condiments on countertops, framed family photos on bare surfaces, and wicker baskets for storage. Hang bunches of dried herbs over the stove or fireplace mantle. Add lots of fresh flowers in simple containers around the room.

Cozy breakfast area

To further enhance the inviting and comfy style of your English country kitchen, have a small dining area where the family can eat breakfast and have snacks together. A solid wooden table and farmhouse kitchen styled chairs are ideal. You can have seat cushions tied on in a plaid or floral pattern that is characteristic of country style.

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