Designing Frameless Glass Shower Doors for Tubs Designing Frameless Glass Shower Doors for Tubs

What You'll Need
Tape measure

Installing frameless glass shower doors in a bathroom has become very fashionable, and many people pay a great deal of money to have these shower enclosures fitted into their homes. Frameless glass shower units can be fitted into a range of shower pans or bathtubs with shower head connections, and the choice of design is widening all the time. If you are planning to fit a frameless glass shower door to the area around a tub, and you haven't found quite the right design to suit you, why not try designing it yourself, and having an expert make the finished product to your own plans. Designing your own frameless glass shower doors for tubs should be easily done, even by a home improvement beginner, and following a few simple rules can make the task go much more smoothly.

Step 1 - Measure Your Bathroom

Before you begin putting your design for a frameless shower door down on paper, you should first take a few measurements of your bathroom. Decide where in the bathtub you want the shower doors to be. Does the bath need to have a door either side? If so, then measure the length of the bath from the shower socket on the wall, to where you would like the door to extend. Then measure the height above the tub to the ceiling. You should also take general measurements of the bathroom so that you can produce a scale-model of your room on paper.

Step 2 - Begin the Design

Start by creating a series of door-shapes on your paper. It is a good idea to decide at this point how high you want the doors to be. Something between 4 and 5 feet above the level of the bathtub should be suitable, assuming that your bathroom has the necessary height. You should then decide if you want your door to be level with the top of the bathtub, or whether you would like it to hang down a little on the inside.

Step 3 - Scale the Design

Once you have a firm design of the door, you can now place it within the scale model of the bathroom. Calculate the size of the doors in comparison with the rest of the room. This is a good time to find out whether they will make the rest of the bathroom furniture look small, or if they will be large enough to protect the bathroom floor from a soaking. Adjust your door design until you get the perfect height for your needs.

Step 4 - Have the Design Made

The final step is to find someone to make up the design to your requirements. Skilled glass makers and cutters can be found in the telephone book. You may find that you would like your door to be made from recycled glass, or using energy efficient methods, which can be done by people with the right skills. Find someone who is interested in your design, and get them to make a copy before you purchase the final result.

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