Designing Hall Entry Tables Designing Hall Entry Tables

Being able to effectively design stunning and appropriate hall entry tables really only requires three main considerations: their function, the compatibility of the piece with other existing furnishings and the piece’s final finish. For example, a long entry foyer may call for a long, narrow hall entry table to complement it, where a smaller entry area will be able to easily make do with a smaller, mission style table as a place to drop off keys and the days mail. However, a more stylish home, one with elegant furnishings and decor, will often require a much more elaborate hall entry table. Here a table with finely sculpted moldings, several drawers and an elegantly, smoothly polished finish is a must. Whatever the requirements called for regarding hall entry tables, they will cost much less if designed and built by a homeowner than if purchased, and they will no doubt be of a higher quality.

Form follows Function                                                                                                                                                                        

Hall entry tables can range from the simple Mission-Style Phone Stand, which can house a telephone, a small drawer and lower magazine rack, to a finely sculpted, longer hall entry table with several drawers, sculpted moldings and much more shelving for storage. Hall entry tables can be built or purchased from unfinished furniture stores or higher end, costlier name brand outlets. Accessories can be added to tables, such as a hall mirror to accent longer hall entry tables and for balancing the entryway. A chair, complementing the design of hall entry tables, can also be added to balance longer tables. For limited space in hall entryways a good choice is often a half-moon table, which is functional, but saves on space.

 Complementing Existing Décor

In addition to the style of hall entry tables and their complementary looks to existing home décor, the type of wood selected can also add to whether or not a hall entry table will fit in with a home’s furnishings. Excellent tables can be built or purchased unfinished and made to augment a home and its furnishings. Hall entry tables can also be built or purchased that are made from excellent selections of distinctive combinations of rich walnut and beautifully grained maple or ash. Exotic woods such as Teak, Mahogany or amber colored golden Oak can replicate a home’s furniture or mood. Careful attention and consideration is a must to ensure that the entry to a home resonates with its interior furnishings and mood. The hall entry table must be able to provide a smooth transition into the home. 

Hall Entry Table Finishes

The finish of the wood is another important ingredient to carefully consider when placing this additional piece of the home’s welcoming décor in place. Finishes can range from a rustic, white-washed or totally unfinished hall entry piece, to an elegantly buffed and smoothly finished dark walnut table with ebony door and draw pulls. Entry hall tables can be even be decorated with hinges or hardware made of rustic bronze coated metals to carefully brushed nickel or silver ornamental fittings.

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