Designing with Stencils and Concrete Floor Paint

When you think of concrete floor, the color grey springs to mind; this is not the case if you use concrete floor paint to spice up your floors.  Nowadays concrete is one of the cheaper options for flooring and it's great for all those that suffer from allergies as concrete doesn’t allow room for any micro organisms to grow and reproduce. Here is some information about the different types of paints and some tips on how to pick the right color.

The Paint Itself

Concrete floor paint can be bought from any hardware or Do It Yourself (DIY) stores. Although it isn’t cheap, it is much cheaper than carpeting your floor or laying down parquet. The concrete also keeps your rooms very cool in the summer, thus reducing the amount of time you need to leave your air conditioning on. It also stores heat, so once it is warmed up, it won’t turn cold for quite some time, which in turn reduces the time you need to leave your heating on during the winter days. 


Concrete floors are very easy to maintain. All it takes is a splash of water and a mop to clear up the dust once in a while. As we know, no type of paint lasts forever. The same goes for concrete floor paint. Although it is tough and can take a lot of walking and everyday stresses, it will start to show some wear in the form of chips and discoloration in areas where it starts buffing away. But this can be a good thing, as it will allow you to change the floor color more often.


When choosing the color for your concrete floors, keep in mind that you are not just going to be paining a small corner of your room. The color is going to be all over. Choosing a color which is overpowering, like red or black, might leave you disappointed. Pick a neutral color to start off with, then, if you want to add some extra color, try stencilling in a pattern using a darker color or one that complements the rest of the floor color. When buying the paint, don’t be afraid to ask the shop assistant for help when choosing the colors, they will be able to guide you and show you paint charts and samples.


If you are planning to give your room a unique, personal touch, then stencilling is the way to go. Plan beforehand and put your ideas on paper to have a clear picture of how and where the stencilling is to be made. Furniture or focal points in a room can be enhanced by the chosen floor pattern. You can create an intriguing floor pattern just in front of a fireplace or a running boarder in your hallway to distinguish these areas from the rest of your room. Painting in a carpet in the middle of the room might be a good idea, or you might want to try the more artistic look by copying a famous piece of artwork. This can be an exact copy or your own original interpretation of the picture, for that special, personal touch. Additionally, you could have a different theme in every room.