Designing Your Own Metal Wall Art

When it comes to decorating your walls at home, metal wall art might not be the first idea that pops into your mind. It’s all about expressing yourself through art in making your house a home. This article will explain how you will find a basic guideline in order to make your own metal wall art, along with some hints and tips.

Getting Started

Each wall tells a story and has memories. Designing your own metal wall art can have just as many memories. Think of it as a project that you could do as a family. Try not to get too carried away with complex designs because once you start using the metal, shaping it is easier said than done. Stick to the simpler designs until you get the hang of it.


Plan ahead of where you intend to hang the art. You should have a clear idea of which wall you will use and the size you would like for the artwork to be. Metal art can be a powerful statement, keep it in mind so that you plan the better half of your wall with the art. You can keep it small and clean cut, to make it look classy and expensive.  Or, you can choose an oversized artwork to make a bold statement.

Colors and Materials

Start experimenting with drawing random shapes and lines on pieces of paper. Don’t be afraid if you get it wrong the first few times. It takes time and practice. Once you’re sketches are done, consider the material that could be used. Ask yourself, what color the metal should be to suit the room best. Consider using warmer colors so that the art does not appear industrial and cold. If you are planning to make the art yourself, you must also think of the flexibility and softness of the metal. Keep in mind that you do not have the tools that a professional artist has, nor do you have the experience. Always be ready to ask for advice when you are buying the metal to be sure that it suited for your artwork.

Once the design is ready, take a second look and make sure the design has a good composition. It should be a simple design, with several elements so that there is not a lack of unity. Metal art is heavy, therefore make sure to hang it on a solid brick, stone or concrete wall. Additionally, do not use ordinary screws for your metal art but purchase some heavy duty bolts or hooks for the extra support needed.