Designs to Blend Garden Stairs into the Surroundings

Garden stairs can add an attractive touch to any outdoor area. They tend to look much more pleasing when they can seamlessly blend in to the landscape. There are several things that can be done to help blend garden stairs in to the surroundings. 

Log Stairs

If you live in a wooded area, log stairs can look great in a garden. These can be made by using trees already in your area, or you can purchase tree logs from any lumber yard. The idea is to keep the logs looking like trees without removing the bark. You will have 2 options for using logs. The first is to cut the logs in half lengthwise and build dirt up around them. This method will allow those visiting the garden to see the logs on the front part of the stairs. The second option is to cut the logs in to several slices of varying height. This method can be more challenging, but will create log stair steps that are truly unique.

Flat Flagstone

Flat flagstone can create a set of garden stairs that matches the surrounding environment. This method will require quite a bit of work, but is worth it in the long run. You will need to get flat flagstones, pebble to lay under the stone, and sod or moss to place around the edges of the stone. This type of stair design will require regular maintenance, especially if you plan on using moss.

Carved Rock

This will be an expensive and intensive project, but can look awesome when completed. If you happen to have very large boulders or rocks in the garden, you can actually pay a masonry expert to carve stairs directly in to the stone. This is popular in mountainous areas. 

Aged Brick

Aged brick can really add something special to any garden. To allow the stairs to blend with the garden itself, you can use a brick that has been treated to appear aged. When you lay the brick out, allow extra space between the bricks allowing some of the natural vegetation to come through the steps. This may sound unkempt, but actually looks very nice in a garden setting. You will need to maintain this as you would the garden, not allowing weeds to get out of control and keeping the vegetation trimmed and managed. 

Decorative Concrete

Concrete doesn't sound like something that will match a garden environment very well, but decorative concrete can look just like natural stone when used correctly. The nice thing about concrete is it's sturdy, and can be dyed virtually any color. This makes using stamps and imprints easy. If you want to see examples of what decorative concrete can do, you can visit any home improvement store. Concrete can be stamped to look like any type of natural stone, brick, and even petrified wood. This will allow you to add a natural appearance to your garden stairs without a huge expense or a lot of work.