Desk Lamp Varieties: New Innovations Desk Lamp Varieties: New Innovations

Desk lamps styles, functionality, and efficiency have come a long way in the last decad. If you are looking to try something new for your desk, keep reading and find an innovative product to suit your space. These are some great products on the market:

  • iPod docking station desk lamps are a great way to save space on your desk and combine two appliances into one. These lamps feature a speaker with superior sound quality and the ability to charge your iPod while listening to it.
  • Energy efficient Naturalight lamps provide you with light while using 80% less power than traditional lamps. These lamps have full-spectrum energy saving tube bulbs that last up to 10 times longer than a traditional bulb and provide a full spectrum light that reduces glare and eyestrain, which allows you to read, write and just work easier.
  • Fluorescent light lamps offer over 10,000 hours of lifetime and are in most cases Energy Star Certified. These fully adjustable lamps come in a variety of styles and look similar to traditional bulb lamps, but save you big on energy costs over the life of the included bulb.
  • BlueMax Color Technology lamps also offer full spectrum light and a patented 6 color blend. These lamps are dimmable from 100% to 20% and are as bright as a 200w halogen bulb with only 42 watts. These will cost more upfront, but the savings on energy cost annually will close the gap compared to other, less efficient desk lamps.

Whether you are looking for a traditional style or something more modern, there are so many new desk lamp products on the market today that you can find something that fits both your desk style and your budget. Shop around online and compare features before selecting a new desk lamp. With the competitiveness for energy efficiency and natural lighting, there are many product designs and prices ranges available for you to take advantages of the best innovations in desk lamps. 


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