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Admit it: sometimes it seems your desk is less of a workplace than it is a collection zone for all things paper. If you've been remiss in replying to emails or your finances are way off-balance just because you can't find the keyboard or the checkbook, it's time to tidy up the desk with some sharp new desk accessories.

Nothing inspires organization like a collection of new desk accessories to keep everything in order, and they're available in materials and styles sure to suit any room.

Whether you've got a home office tucked into a corner of a living room or a 20-person operation in a big building downtown, an investment in proper and stylish desk accessories will not only look good, but will also help keep things easy to find.

When choosing desk accessories, first just make a mental note over a few days of how you really use your desk. Do you use the keyboard for the computer more than you write with a pen? Do you keep leaving the phone off the hook because the base of the phone is located inconveniently? Do you have a messy pile of bills on one corner of the desk?

Rather than thinking of the desk accessories you "should" have, first figure out which ones will really help you function better while at work. For example, if you have a problem with organizing papers, a set of paper trays may be the most important desk accessory you could add to your office. If you keep misplacing your pen, you may want a special one-pen holder, to help you train yourself to always put it back in the same spot.

For an executive, polished look, there's nothing like leather desk accessories. This blotter, pencil holder, trays and boxes all say "authority," and will look great on any wooden desk, especially in a more traditionally-decorated office.

You can also find leather desk accessories that are trimmed with wood, for an interesting, elegant option.

Wooden desk accessories are another way to organize the office. These come in lighter colors, so if darkening your desk is a concern, light-colored wood desk accessories may be a better choice. These give a clean, crisp look to a desk, which can help keep you on task all day long.

While leather desk accessories look great in a traditional office setting, wooden desk accessories give a more sleek, modern look, as do those made of metal.

If having an entire set on the desk looks too pulled together for your own personal style, consider just getting a few of the most necessary items. A pencil holder and in box that match will do wonders for organizing your workspace.

Reprinted with permission from the Sheffield School of Inerior Design.

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