Detaching Stackable Washer Dryer Units Detaching Stackable Washer Dryer Units

You may wish to detach your stackable washer dryer units for a variety of reasons. You might want to take advantage of the space that the units currently occupy or you may decide to relocate them to a new laundry room. In either case, it is time to take the units apart. Most stackable washer dryer units are designed to work either attached or separately, so you won't be damaging the units by detaching them.

Detaching the Units

The manual that came with your stackable washer dryer unit will show you exactly how and where the machines are connected. Most commonly, a rail is used to connect the machines. When the machines are separated, you may still have to remove the rail from the washer or dryer to allow the unit to sit flat.

Remember that your machines are smaller than the average full-size machine and will need to be raised off the ground to avoid excessive bending. A platform can solve this problem by bringing the machines up to a workable level. Make sure that the machines sit flat on the floor or platform once they are detached from each other.


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