Detail Your Doors and Windows with Decorative Copper Hardware Detail Your Doors and Windows with Decorative Copper Hardware

What You'll Need
Window Stays
Casement Stays
Window Latches
Handle Sets
Dead Bolts
Mortise Bolts
Kick Plates

Adding decorative copper hardware to your windows and doors is not only a simple procedure, but it can add style and a unique way of pulling an interior design together. Consider all handles, pulls and knobs to make them part of your overall design plan and see how your hardware can take center stage.

Step 1 - Deciding Where to Place your Copper Accents

There are a few places in the home where you can add a decorative copper accent to windows and doors. First, think about what your windows and/or doors need. Ask yourself:

  • Do you often think you'd like to install a few casement stays so your windows shut properly?
  • Have you been thinking about adding a dead bolt to your back door for added security?

If you have, think about adding copper hardware to make your practical details look stylish too.

Step 2 - Window Hardware

The window stay's function is to keep windows partly open so that air can flow in without the window being completely ajar. An example of window hardware is a copper window stay, which is a long rod or arm. The rod is drilled directly into to the bottom of the window by its bracket which is attached on one end. The rod also has two holes and those hook onto two pins that stick straight up and are drilled into the window sill.

First, make sure the window is closed and drill the two pins into the window ledge. Next, drill the the stay bracket into the bottom of the window frame which has two clear holes for the nails. Finally, open the window a bit and lock the rod into place by placing one of the pins into one of the rod holes.

Step 3- Door Hardware

A practical and unique way to add copper to your doors is with the addition of a kick plate. This is a piece of copper that covers the bottom of your door and protects it when you've got your hands full and may need to kick the door to open or close it.

After purchasing your copper kick plate, measure the width of the plate and use a piece of tape to mark the center of it. At the bottom of your door, in the area where the top of the kick plate will be, measure the width of the door and use another piece of tape to mark the center. Use tape instead of a pen or pencil so you don't mark your door.

Now. match up both pieces of tape to ensure the plate is not installed off-center. Once you have done this, use more tape to temporarily hold the kick plate in place before standing back to make sure the plate is straight. Finally, drill the kick plate into the door but don't forget to take the protective plastic cover off the plate before you test it out.

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