Determine the Cause of a Flat Metal Roof Leak

A leaky flat metal roof can damage the structure of your home as well as the contents of your building. If you think you may have water entering your home, your first step is to find out the origin of the leak.

Check Your Roof Exterior

Use a ladder to access your roof from the outside and begin inspection. Take a walk around your roof, looking for evidence of any leakages. A spot surrounded by a ring of dirt can mean a case of pooling water, and damaged roof materials can cause puddles resulting in leaks.

Look at the roofing material itself, checking for any holes or loose material. Pay particular attention to where there are overlapping materials as gaps can allow water to seep in and cause leaks.

Check Your Flashing

Damaged flashing is a common cause of leakage. Check for any damaged or misplaced flashing, usually found around a roof's edges and pipes.

Check Your Ceiling

While on your roof top, use a hose to spray toward the source of the leak. Have a friend inside your house in the area of leak and ask them to say if they see any water coming through. Allow up to 10 minutes for the water to seep through. If water enters the building, you have found your leak; if not, continue the test along the rest of your roof until you have found the cause of the leak. This process can be time consuming, so allow a few hours to complete.