Determining a Correct Lathe Spindle Speed Determining a Correct Lathe Spindle Speed

People who are interested in woodwork and manufacturing articles out of metal are probably familiar with the use of a mini lathe and the importance of a lathe spindle. Perhaps, you are interested in considering this as a hobby but are not knowledgeable on how to operate the machine. Determining the right spindle speed for the job is very important when using the mini lathe.

Cutting Speed

Knowing the cutting speed is very important when working with your mini lathe. This term refers to the speed at the cutting tool and the surface of the material it is working on. It must be noted that the cutting speed, is not the same as the lathe spindle speed although they are related to each other.

Lathe Spindle Speed

In order to determine the spindle speed, or the rate at which the spindle of the machine should rotate in order to achieve the recommended cutting speed, the following formula is used: S = (1000 X cutting speed) / (pi X diameter of the work piece)

It is very important to use the correct lathe spindle speed because it helps to maintain the quality and lengthen the life of the tools used by the lathe.

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