Determining the Air Duct Cleaning Cost for Your Home

To determine what the air duct cleaning cost of a home is likely to be, there are several factors that need to be addressed. Keeping mold and allergens out of the air in a home is obviously one of the main concerns for everybody that wishes to keep the air in their home clean. Obviously, before going in for air duct cleaning it will pay to understand a little bit more about the costs involved. Although the National Air Duct Cleaners Association stresses on the need to keep indoor air as clean as possible, the Environmental Protection Agency says that knowledge about proper air duct cleaning is still in its infant stages. The following pointers should be able to help in determining these costs. 

Standard Costs

According to experts, costs of air duct cleaning in an average home will vary from $400 to $1,000. However, these costs can easily change depending on factors such as the air duct cleaning system size and type of service as well as the climatic conditions. Other factors that determine the final cost include materials in the duct work as well as the level of contamination present in a home.

If a home measures about 1,400 sq ft and there is only a single duct then the costs would be on the lower side and will certainly be far below the cost of air duct cleaning a 3,500 sq ft home.

What is Included

In regard to air duct cleaning, several things must be included. For example, all registers must be cleaned as too the inner parts of the duct work. Also, the heating and/or ventilation systems should be cleaned as too the furnace fan and even air conditioner or heat pump air coils will need to be cleaned. After the cleaning is done then there may be need to spray disinfectants to remove bacteria, mold and dust mites. All these factors too will affect costs of home air duct cleaning.

Clean Air Ducts as Needed

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ducts should be cleaned if it is absolutely necessary. Signs of mold growing in the duct will warrant cleaning whereas the absence of such signs means that no cleaning will be required. Also, rodent or insect infestations are grounds for cleaning of ducts as too is clogging caused by debris.

To Use Chemicals or Not

The Environmental Protection Agency has not actually been able to put its finger on whether duct work needs to be sprayed with chemical biocides. It is therefore a matter of personal preference and this means that costs will vary according to homeowner's wishes and needs.

Cleaning of Asbestos

If the air ducts are very old then there is a strong likelihood that the insulation may contain asbestos which will then in turn pose a real health risk. Even register boots and any other area may be contaminated with asbestos which will then have to be removed. However, this removal can only be done by specialists who will charge extra for their services. So, if asbestos is found in the ducts then its removal will add to the costs which can range from high to low depending on how complex and severe the condition is.

To get help in determining the air duct cleaning cost for a home it is necessary to obtain a handful of estimates. In addition, it also helps if the company provides exact quotations for specific work. Before hiring a company be sure to find out how well trained and experienced their staff is. Finally, makes sure to inquire about whether spraying of disinfectants is required and if so, then get the company to help you to understand the good and bad points of doing so.