Determining the Appropriate Height for a Lathe Stand

When choosing or building a lathe stand selecting the proper height is very important. There is no standard size when choosing a lathe stand. You will want the stand to be a comfortable working height to make operation easier. There are two things to consider when selecting the size, whether the stand will be used while you are in a sitting or standing position.

Seated Position

If you will be sitting during the operation of the lathe you must first select the chair or stool that you will be using. Select a chair that is comfortable and provide adequate back support. Often tall stools are used so that the lathe can be used in a seated or standing position.

Standing Position

If the lathe will be used in a standing position only, take the following measurements while wearing the type of shoes that you will be wearing while doing the turning. Standing upright place your left hand on your right shoulder. Measure the distance from your elbow to the ground. This measurement is where the spindles of the lathe should be located. Based on the construction of the lathe this will help you determine the size of the bench needed. Deduct the size of the lathe from this measurement and you will have the size of the bench needed.