Determining the Best Room Thermostat Height and Location

If you are remodeling a room, you will have to decide where to place the room thermostat. The location you choose for the thermostat can affect whether you will feel warm or cold in your new room. Thermostats are the devices which control how much heat or AC is used in a particular space, so if it is in the wrong location, the readings can be incorrect, leaving you to freeze in winter or overheat in summer.

Avoid Room Pitfalls

When deciding where to locate your thermostat, you will need to avoid various pitfalls in the room which can lead to an incorrect reading. You would not, for example, want to locate your thermostat directly over the radiator, nor above hot water pipes, or other central heating devices. For the same reason, the thermostat should be well away from AC units or fans.

Getting Good Height

The height is a more complex issue. Some people advise that the thermostat be placed no higher than between 5 inches and 1 foot from the ground: this is apparently to ensure that there is a good supply of air. However, this can be a pain when you wish to check the temperature of a room, or if you need to do anything to the thermostat. A height of about 4 to 5 feet above the ground is a better option.