Determining the Best Shape Vinyl Gutter for Your House

You can find a range of differently shaped vinyl gutter sets, and sometimes choosing the right one for your home can seem a bit difficult. In order to find the best style of gutter for your home, you will need to consider a number of different aspects which can affect the way the vinyl gutter should be shaped.

Rain Patterns

When considering whether to have a sectional gutter fitted, or to look at seamless gutters, you will need to consider the amount of rain which can fall in your area. Seamless gutters are sometimes a good idea of you have very heavy rains, as they are not prone to leaking, and this can mean that during heavy rains, you are safe from damp. However, a sectional vinyl gutter can be the right solution if you are looking at fitting the parts yourself.


Climate is a very important consideration when choosing the shape of your gutter. Vinyl is vulnerable to cold, and can become cracked and brittle when exposed to yearly low temperatures. In these types of climate, you should consider a basic U-shaped sectional gutter, as these will allow you to replace pieces easily. For warmer climates, a K-shaped gutter can help to keep the water inside cooler, preventing damage to the vinyl gutter.