Determining the Correct Swamp Cooler Pump Size

When it comes to a swamp cooler pump there are different sizes that you can purchase to help you with more cooling power in your home. The pump is the part of the swamp cooler that actually circulates the water and gives it the volume that it needs.

Not Cooling Things Down Enough

If you notice that the swamp cooler is working extra hard, but the room is not feeling any cooler it could one of two things. First, it might be too humid in order for the unit to work right. Or, the pump is not large enough for the room. You can use a simple equation to help you determine if the swamp cooler pump is the right size.

Swamp Cooler Terminology

Unlike the air conditioner which uses British Thermal Units as a measuring stick to tell how much coolant it is using, the swamp cooler uses CFM. This stands for Cubic Feet per Minute that the cooler is blowing into the home. Knowing the CFM will help you determine if the pump is large enough.

Mathematical Equation

In order to determine the right swamp cooler pump for your house, or your room, you simply need to find the total cubic feet and divide by two. If you have a room that is 1,500 square feet, and with 8 foot ceilings you would multiply those together for 12,000 total cubic feet. Divide that by two and you are left with 6,000 CFM. The size of the pump needs to be able to handle that much volume.