Determining Which Window Trim Style Will Look Best Determining Which Window Trim Style Will Look Best

As with so many home improvement projects, determining what type of window trim will look the best in your house is very much a personal preference and must be determined on an individual basis.  To help you make this decision, however, keep in mind that your main decisions will be what material you prefer (wood or metal) and whether you want a basic window trim or a more elaborate design.  Here is a guide to help you make these important decisions.

Metal or Wood?

Metal window trim may be used to create a sleek, modern look for any window.  Metal window trim may be appropriate in more modern architectural settings or in a room where a more modern appearance is desired.  In many cases, metal can help brighten a room, though this effect can arguably be achieved through different paint shades on a wooden window.  Wood, on the other hand, is a more traditional, safe choice for window trim.  Wood will look best in a more traditional setting, or where sleek architectural design is not an issue.


Once you have chosen a material for your window trim, you much make a decision as to what design you would prefer.  There are two broad categories for window trim styles.  The first is a basic, picture frame style that creates very neat, clean lines around your window.  The other option will be similar to the picture frame style for the top and sides of your window, but will incorporate what is known as a stool and apron along the bottom edge of your window.  The apron and stool will create a ledge on the bottom edge of your window that will protrude slightly away from the wall.  The latter style is slightly more ornate, and also a bit more old-fashioned.  Keep in mind that if you pick either style, artistic flourishes such as grooves or patterns may be incorporated into the trim itself to create a more interesting and unique trim. 

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