Differences Between a Galvanized and a Coated Chain Link Fence Explained

If you have a home and a large yard with it you may want to employ the use of a chain link fence to keep people in or out of the yard or limit movement of animals. A chain link fence can also be fitted with privacy screens. A chain link fence is a great added piece to your home's security but purchasing them can be somewhat confusing. This is because chain link fence comes in either galvanized steel or some sort of coating. Choosing the right one seems easier than it is as each has differences that can impact your purchase. The following article will help to explain these chain link fence differences in an easy to understand way.

What Galvanized Chain Link Fence Is

There are two types of galvanized chain link fence: woven or welded. You can also have a chain link fence that is galvanized prior to being weaved or welded as well as galvanized after the chain link fence has been weaved or welded. The majority of chain link fence you will see available is galvanized after being welded or woven. A chain link fence that has been galvanized before being welded or woven will last longer and is more durable. This type of chain link fence is far superior but harder to find and more expensive. Both of these galvanized chain link fence types provide the same finish.

Coated Chain Link Fence

One of the best fences you can buy is one that is coated with vinyl. Galvanized chain link fence, either welded or woven, can be coated in vinyl. There are some extra steps in the straight galvanizing process that is not always taken with a chain link fence that is meant to be coated with vinyl. The vinyl coating will protect the chain link fence from rust and corrosion indefinitely. The absolute best chain link fence is the galvanized before welding or weaving and then coated in vinyl. This type of chain link is often used in lobster fishing with the pots being made from it.

Woven vs. Welded

All chain link fences are not the same. Regardless of it being galvanized or coated it still has to be assembled. Woven chain link fence takes pieces of the steel and bends and threads it like you would fabric or a basket. The pieces are not connected in any way and this creates that familiar chain link fence metal on metal sound. Welded chain link fence tends to be more durable as it is welded to other pieces of steel. The pieces can be woven together and then welded, each section can be put together and welded or two sheets are pressed together and then welded. Either of these welds is more durable than woven but also cost more.

Cost Effectiveness

When you buy chain link fence you need to weigh your need against your budget. A nice chain link fence coated in vinyl will last longer than a naked galvanized chain link fence. This makes it the most cost effective.