Different Bathroom Fan Light Types Different Bathroom Fan Light Types

A bathroom fan light is a necessary components of a healthy bathroom. These fans remove unpleasant smells as well as excessive moisture from the room. When shopping for a bathroom extractor fan, you can choose a functional or decorative model that mounts to the ceiling or to a window.

Ceiling Bathroom Extractor Fan

The most common type of fan used in a bathroom is a ceiling-mounted extractor fan. These fans come in several varieties including fan/vent combinations, fan/light combinations, and fan/heat lamp combinations. The option that you select will depend on your budget and your aesthetic desires.

If you do not want to spend much money or you are renovating a guest bathroom, your best bet is to select the fan/vent option. If you have a larger budget to work with, purchase a designer fan/light style.

Decorative Bathroom Extractor Fans

If you want to remove your window fan when you upgrade your bathroom, consider selecting a decorative bathroom extractor fan. These fans come with lights in many designs, colors, and shapes. There are frosted glass dome lights, Tiffany-style lights, and modern-industrial light designs.

You might also select a decorative bathroom extractor fan based on its frame color or style. Frames come in wood grains as well as metal and glazed finishes.

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