Different Buckeye Tree Varieties

The buckeye tree, often known as the Ohio buckeye or the fetid buckeye, is a deciduous tree which can grow up to 82 feet in height. It is usually found in the Midwest, but buckeye trees also grow in the South, and even in Ontario. There are four main varieties of the buckeye tree: the Ohio buckeye, the horse chestnut, the dwarf red buckeye, and the yellow buckeye.


The flowers of the Ohio buckeye are yellow, with stamens longer than petals. While the fruit remains on the tree, a spiky shell encloses it. The shells often open in September.

Horse Chestnut

The horse chestnut was originally native to Greece and Macedonia. It can grow up to 100 feet in height. Its flowers are white, and the fruit grows in a small, green capsule with spikes, similar to the Ohio buckeye tree.

Dwarf Red

The dwarf red will only grow to about 20 feet. It has green foliage with pink or red flowers. It grows early, beginning to show signs of life in early February and also producing early flowers.


The yellow buckeye is slightly larger than the dwarf, and it reaches heights of up to 35 feet. It has yellow or yellow-green flowers, with short stamens, and spineless outer shells.