Different Column Styles in Contemproary House Design Different Column Styles in Contemproary House Design

There are three basic column styles in contemporary house design which have clear origins in Greek design: Doric, Corinthian and Ionic. Each column includes a decorated top (or capital), a base which is similarly decorated, and a central trunk which is often also carved into a pattern.

Doric Columns

This is the simplest of the Greek styles which can be found in contemporary house design. The oldest of the Greek columns, the Doric is the style of the columns in the Parthenon, the capital is rounded and smooth, and has no separate design on the base. The column has thin, fluted sides which gives the impression of hanging drapery.

Corinthian Columns

The Corinthian column is the most highly decorated of the Greek columns used in contemporary house design. The Corinthian column has no 'neck', unlike the Doric and Ionic columns. It is supposedly based upon the image of spiny Acanthus leaves growing through the weave of a funeral basket.

Ionic Columns

Ionic Columns are the latest of the Greek styles used in contemporary house design. They clearly show the influence of Egyptian culture upon the Greek architects, and the scroll-shaped decoration on the capital of the column makes them very easy to identify. The trunk of the Ionic column is deeply carved, and the base is patterned with laurel or olive leaves.


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