Different Designs for Garden Steps

Garden steps can be a beautiful addition to any property; they are functional as well as decorative. The ideas are limitless as you can use any design of your choosing and the steps can be made from many sources of natural or man-made materials. You could even combine 2 or more different materials to make it unique.

Common Materials

The most common materials that are used include rock and stone although some designs use concrete, timber or logs, paving stones or wrought iron. Some designs use wood as a frame and gravel to fill the frame, logs or timber that are cut to size and embedded in the ground, stone flags or paving stones that are set in the ground, a path of natural stone inside a frame or solid concrete stones.


Garden steps can be used to connect one or more levels on a property, to add a decorative touch or to add function to a yard or garden. The steps don’t have to be placed on sloping property, they look just as beautiful when used in a well-thought out design on level ground. The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination.