Different Electric Chain Saw Designs Different Electric Chain Saw Designs

Electric chain saw designs are created for specific use and provide a great alternative to heavier, gas-powered units which require much more maintenance. Electric units are incredibly lightweight and all you need to do is plug it in, turn it on and you are ready to cut.

Advantage of Design

Electric chain saws are user friendly due to their anti-vibration handles and ergonomic designs. The lightweight design causes electric chain saws to be safer and easier to operate which makes them a perfect choice for trimming and felling small trees. The electric design allows for easier maintenance as well since there is no needed supply of a gas and oil mixture. Electric chain saws do not emit the obnoxious, smelly fumes associated with gasoline operated saws. They do, however, still require the use of proper safety equipment such as protective eye goggles and breathing masks to prevent inhaling dust.

Small Sized Units

Small electric chain saws with cutting bars in the 8 to 10 inch range are easy for anyone to wield and are designed for very small cutting needs, such as the cutting of small trees. Lightweight electric chain saws provide quick and efficient cuts which are perfect alternatives to pruning sheers and small hand saws. A small electric pole saw in this range can be wielded by an operator who is around 100 to 125 pounds with little effort.

Medium Sized Units

Medium sized electric chain saws in the 10 to 14 inch range can are beneficial for felling small diameter limbs which may be diseased or damaged. A rule of thumb for cutting a limb is to multiply the bar and chain size by 1.5, for example, a 14 inch chain and bar can cut a limb that is 21 inch in diameter.

Larger Sized Units

Larger sized electric chainsaws with chain bars in the 16 to 18 inch range are great for cutting larger pieces of wood such as firewood. Although light in weight, these sized electric chain saws are powerful enough to handle daily chores. Purchase a battery-powered unit and you are free from the burden of having an electric cord to pull around that can become both an annoyance as well as a safety concern.

Scabbard Accessory

Electric chain saws have few accessories. The most important one, however, is a scabbard which guards the cutter chain allowing for safe transport and storage. Without the chain guard, the teeth may shred material or become dull. Scabbards may need to be bought separately and are usually inexpensive.

Built-In Features

Electric chain saws come with many features which make them easier to handle. One such feature is tool-less teeth adjustment, this allows for consistent tension during operation so you don't have to stop frequently to tighten the chain tension with a tool. An additional feature is an automatic bar oiler that keeps the chain constantly lubricated while running. An automatic brake-down stops the chain from running when the trigger is released. This allows a user to put the device down instantly after making a cut.

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