Different Flea Types Explained Different Flea Types Explained

There are thousands of species of fleas in the world, but only 5 main flea types that affect our daily life. Pulex irritans is the human flea, which infests only human beings. It lives in regions where body hair is thickest. Ctenocephalides canis is the dog flea, which like human fleas, lives in the animal's densest body hair. Cats get infestations of ctenocephalides felis, which has adapted to the finer hair strands and thinner skin of cats. Hens and rats are also tormented by fleas, specifically Echidnophaga gallinacea and Xenopsylla cheopsis respectively.

How Fleas Survive

All 5 real fleas live on the blood of their hosts. They can transmit disease to their hosts by the simple insertion of their mouth parts, which, like syringes, draw out blood. Flea bites feel like the sharp sting of a mosquito bite.

Other So-Called "Fleas"

The water flea is actually a crustacean, and a great source of food for pond wildlife. It lives on algae rather than blood. Sand fleas, also crustaceans, live near large water sources and eat decaying seaweed. Their sting injects non-toxic venom that will cause itching, but does not draw blood.


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