Different Kinds of Metal Shelving

A lot of people tend to prefer a metal shelf over a wooden one, for various reasons. First of all, metal shelving is in many cases more economical than wooden shelving, since the latter naturally involves more craftsmanship and skill. Moreover, metal shelves do not require a lot of maintenance, and can be easily kept clean and tidy. Even repairing a metal shelf is much simpler than trying to repair a wooden shelf. Three very popular types of metal used for shelves are stainless steel, chrome and wrought iron.

Stainless Steel Shelves

Steel is used abundantly in shelving projects, especially by industries, since it has many advantages over other types of shelving. Indeed, steel is best suited in the working environment, since it withstands a lot of damage as well as high temperatures. In companies operating under fire or explosive hazards, steel shelving provides a safe option when compared to other alternatives.

When it comes to the food industry, steel is also the preferred metal for shelves. Many restaurants use steel shelving to store food since steel allows a better circulation of air, and is also very strong when it comes to supporting heavy crates of food and drinks. Ease of cleaning is, of course, another important aspect–steel can withstand scrubbing and bleach.

Inevitably, steel shelving solutions are a bit more expensive than other alternatives, but then again quality products always cost more. In the long run, the durability of steel shelving may well save a lot of money which would otherwise have been spent to replace a different shelving choice.

Chrome Wire Shelves

Chrome wire shelving is renowned for its versatility and relative inexpensiveness. They are also strong and can resist denting better than other metal shelving. Most importantly, chrome shelving can be used in a wide range of places for home or industrial use: utility rooms, garages, mudrooms, pantries, dormitories and even offices. Chrome shelves are used both as storage units as well as display units.

As a material, chrome is regarded as being elegant, tasteful and clean, not to mention that it matches with just about anything. If you take care of a chrome shelving unit, it can retain its beauty and functionality for a long time. Moreover, chrome wire shelving is far less cumbersome than other traditional furniture, and is easy to assemble.

Chrome wire shelving is thus recommended to anyone who is frequently moving from one residence to another, as well as for those who are a bit low on funds but still want something tasteful and of good quality.

Wrought Iron Shelves

Wrought iron furniture in general is widely considered to be the most elegant style of furniture available, as well as being classy, design friendly and durable. This last feature is perhaps one of the best aspects of wrought iron shelves, since its durability and water resistance make it practically indestructible. Shelves made out of wrought iron can hold any weight and size without damage.

Clearly, wrought iron shelving is also chosen for its elegance and appearance. Indeed, wrought iron furniture in general is suitable both for old-fashioned and antique décor, as well as for modern homes.

Unfortunately, wrought iron shelving may be quite expensive, but as in the case of steel shelving, it is more worth it in the long run. The quality, durability and elegance of wrought iron thus outweigh the disadvantage of elevated costs. Another possible disadvantage of this type of shelving is its susceptibility to environmental changes. Since iron is a good conductor, wrought iron may become too cold in chilly weather and too hot in summer. Moreover, rust may also develop if the material not adequately taken care of. Painting wrought iron shelves regularly will ensure that they remain in a good condition through time.

Metal shelving may come in different kinds, most notably steel, chrome and wrought iron. The general advantages of metal shelves easily outnumber any disadvantages they may entail, making metal shelving a favorite amongst many people, both for homes and for businesses.