Different Metal Carport Types

Adding a metal carport to your driveway will protect your car and keep it clean. It is easy to build a carport of this type, as most are from 12 to 24 feet wide.  Here are suggestions about the various types of metal carports, to help you decide which to install.

A-Frame Roof

The A-frame roof style works well in areas with frequent high winds or heavy snow in winter. The sloped roof channels wind and prevents drifting snow from forming heavy layers on top.

Low Arched Roof

Most purchasers prefer the low arched roof, with its solid supports and graceful shape. Its horizontal roof panels keep out rain and snow well, and deflect wind to prevent roof lifting. Choose a pergola carport with some open roof panels that let heat escape while keeping out precipitation.

Soft-Top Roof

In regions where snow and ice are rare, a soft-top roof of coated canvas is a lightweight alternative. The frame and sides of this roof are still made of solid 12-gauge or 14-gauge steel. This roof also keeps the carport interior cooler in hot weather than a steel roof.

Most metal carports feature open walls, but nearly all makers offer side sheathing panels that you can purchase and install.