Different Parts of Complete Architectural House Plans

Architectural house plans vary depending on the type of house. They include small plans such as cabins, cottages, and narrow lot houses to large, modern, unique, and luxuries home plans. A good plan makes it possible to build a great house. They also depend on the material to be used for construction and building, personal preferences, location and the size of the house.

House plans have common parts that are designated for specialized functions. These include living or eating areas, sleeping areas and washing rooms. Unique designs might include preferences such as staircases, garages, fireplaces, patios, attics, reading rooms, game areas such as swimming pools, jacuzzis and similar additions.


A complete architectural house plan incorporates a bathroom that is used for cleaning purposes by the occupants. The design and size varies as a mater of personal style and cultural practices. It is always built in proportional to the size of the house. Commonly, bathrooms contain the following items: a sink, shower, bathtub, and a toilet (or "lavatory"). They can be decorated and fitted with décor items, such as attractive ceilings, walls and flooring materials, glass and mirrors.


The kitchen is a room reserved for food preparation. It can be designed with more space where it can serve as a dinning area as well. A kitchen is commonly planned to have a water sink, running water, stove, and cabinets. Modern plans incorporate plans for electronic equipment, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, and dishwashers.


Architectural plans have private rooms, which are designated as sleeping or relaxation areas. There can be one or more bedrooms in the house. This depends on the size of the building and it can be a matter of personal preference as well.

Modern houses have different concepts, such as master bedrooms that are reserved for husband and wife, guest rooms which serve visitors, as well as children's room. Decoration material and personalized items are used to distinguish one room from the other.

Dinning Room

This is a common part in many modern house plans. The room is designed for consuming food and it is usually situated next to the kitchen. A dinning area is furnished with a large table that is proportional to the size of the room and a number of matching chairs. It can be fitted with a cabinet for storing crockery and cutlery.

Family Room

Modern house plans include family areas that also serve as an all purpose room in the home. It can be used as an entertainment room, reading area, TV room and lounging area, and other purposes as well. Common features found in the area include family photographs, flowers, or paintings.


House can be designed with a garage too. Many modern houses build this area for storing vehicles or other motor equipment, such as bikes, lawn mowers, and bicycles. They can be used as storage area for tools, too. In spacious compounds, car parks are also integrated in the plan.