Different Sunroom Designs for Different Personalities

There are no hard and fast rules for sunroom designs. As people have different personalities, so there are as many different sunroom designs. Sunrooms are great additions to a home that are full of glass, light and outdoor ambiance. You feel like you are on the outside, while still within your home. For those who love to entertain, want to have additional living space or like to keep plants, there is a sunroom option available for them. Here is a quick list of some of the available sunroom designs on the market today.

Outdoor Living Inside

Many sunrooms act as a second patio. If you want a simple design for your sunroom, a small enclosure will work great. Place a few pieces of wicker furniture, a small table, a few plants and you have a nicely decorated area.

Much Needed Living Space

For families that are outgrowing their home, a sunroom is a great option for adding on a new room. This will be more appropriate in southern climates where the winter months are not bitterly cold. This living space can be a new bedroom, a family room, dining room or just a room for people to sit in and watch television, play games or just talk.

Indoor Swimming Pool

For those people who like to be able to swim in a pool on a year-round basis, a sunroom built around an indoor swimming pool is the design they should choose. In a fully enclosed glass room, the swimming pool is the focal point. With tile floors, and cathedral ceilings, the room can also be a beautiful addition that can be either partially, or fully open to the rest of the home.

Greenhouse Sunroom

For the people who have a green thumb, a greenhouse sunroom is the design they will want to add to their home. This makes a great open sunroom as the plants will add to the general atmosphere of the room. These types of sunrooms are able to house several plants that you would not normally have in your area. They will not be affected by any frost, or cold spells while they line the shelves and windows of your indoor greenhouse.

Game Room for Friends

A sunroom is the ultimate game room addition. With a pool table, poker table and a wet bar you have years of entertaining that you can do in your game room sunroom. The wide open area, and large windows will add to the festive atmosphere and present the idea that the room is larger than it it. With a small deck or patio added on to the outside, you can take the festivities outside as well.

Indoor Water Garden

For those who like to relax and enjoy the end of the day, bring your water features inside your sunroom with an indoor water garden. Install an elevated pond, with a water fountain attachment and enjoy the stress release each time you walk through the doors. Add some Koi and aquatic plants to the pond and you have your own indoor personal retreat area.