Different Types of Accent Tables

accent tables with stylish, natural furniture

There are many different kinds of home accent tables. Part of your decision as to which to buy will be determined by the style of your home and the use you have in mind. Another factor is the area of your home in which you want to place the table. We'll look at five areas and possible tables for each.

Living Room

If your living room is a formal space, there are several accent tables to consider. The coffee table you choose could be a pedestal type which allows for outstretched legs. There are also more traditional styles with four legs. The end table is often much more than a place for magazines as it offers a place for your lamp. The size of your room should determine whether you have one at either end of the sofa. Another nice accent table for the living room is a sofa table. This allows for a couple lamps and accent pieces to be placed closer to where people will be sitting. A scatter table by a window is a nice touch in a formal living room.

Family Room

This room has a functionality to consider as you select the right tables. You'll want another coffee table that can withstand food, feet, and being the occasional seat. There are a wide variety of TV tables to choose from that will have areas for your electronics from DVD player to the cable box. Accent tables for the family room could include end and sofa tables, as well. For the occasional meal in the family, there are simple occasional tables that can be pulled into place easily.

Dining Areas

The kitchen table will be important as a gathering place for your family and friends. Once again, the selection of a functional table will depend on the style you're after and the use you envision. As you move to the formal dining room, you can find wonderful pedestal tables, as well as multiple leg varieties. A buffet table along one of your dining room walls is invaluable as a staging area for placing food, drink and desserts. It is also a great place for a couple tall lamps.


The bedroom will need some kind of a vanity table for all your personal preparations. Accent tables are also good for rounding out your sleeping space. Side tables for your bed and, if you have a sitting area, appropriately sized coffee and end tables will give your bedroom a wonderfully formal feel.

Work Area

Whatever work you do, there's a table for you. Writing tables, architectural and drafting tables, and if you enjoy games there are all kinds of game tables to choose from. If you enjoy sewing, you may want to check out the styles of sewing tables that allow you to have your machine on a great surface with lots of storage for threads and bobbins. For more strenuous work, there are heavy duty work tables to enjoy, as well.