Different Types Of Artificial Turf Explained

Installing artificial turf used to mean replacing grass with what was essentially a green-painted, very rough carpet. Today’s contemporary artificial turf is not only much more attractive, but it is also ecologically friendly.

Turf Blades

Artificial turf blades actually look like real blades of grass. They come in several different lengths on the same piece of turf, ranging from about 2 to 4 inches. The variations in length provide a more natural appearance and feel.

Turf blades are also made out of recycled rubber and plastic. As a result, the blades are softer than older types of artificial turf. Blades are also covered with a thin layer of silicone lubrication, adding to the soft texture and appearance. This comfortable texture makes it ideal for  sports surfaces and backyard use.

Types of Turf

The most common types of artificial turf are:

  • Astroturf
  • Superturf
  • Fieldturf

Among these, Fieldturf is the most popular and is used extensively in athletic fields and stadiums. Astroturf is the oldest and most recognized name in the industry, but newer and more friendly types of artificial turf have been introduced in recent years.

The primary difference between the 3 different types of turf is the infill material and depth of the infill. Infill is often composed of sand or cream rubber that is used to soften the surface of the turf. The deeper the infill, the harder the turf will feel to players on the field.