Different Types Of Azalea Bonsai Different Types Of Azalea Bonsai

There are several varieties of azalea that can be made into bonsai trees. The two 2 common varieties used for this art are the satkuzi azalea and the kurume azalea, both of which originated in the southern part of Japan. These 2 popular varieties have been miniaturized from a wild azalea bush by hybridizing it with smaller varieties of rhododendron.

Satkuzi Azalea

Satkuzi azalea is the smaller of the 2 common azalea bonsai. It is very easy to care for and is popular for its bright white, pink and red flowers. However, the satkuzi azalea is what is known as a late bloomer, which means that it will flower late in the spring as opposed to early in the spring.

Kurume Azalea

The kurume azalea originated on the island of Kyushu, which is the southern-most island of Japan. The wild plant from which this azalea bonsai was derived actually grows to about 6 feet tall. However, the kurume azalea remains dwarf in stature if it is pruned regularly in late spring.

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