Different Types of Bathroom Fans Explained

A bathroom fan.

Though the purpose of all bathroom fans is similar: to remove moisture and odors from the bathroom. Still, there are various types depending on the mount type and location you wish to install your fan. Here are a few of the different options.

Ceiling-Mounted Exhaust Fans

These are some of the most popular fans and as the name indicates, they are installed on the ceiling. These expel air from your home upwards through the roof, or if the fan is connected to ducting, it is exhausted outside via an external vent.

Inline Exhaust Fans

These are mounted in-between ducting and are typically used in places where you want to ventilate an area that does not have the clearance or space for a ceiling-mounted fan. Since these are not mounted directly into the ceiling, they are typically very quiet.

Wall Mounted Fans

These are installed directly on the wall, creating a direct pathway for stale air to be expelled outside your home. For this reason, no ductwork is required to install these fans.

Combination Units

These come in a variety of combinations mixing the above fan varieties with additional features, including a fan-light combination and a heat-fan-light combination.

Whatever kind of fan you choose based on your bathroom’s layout and structure, make sure that you select a quality fan so that you can rid your bathroom of harmful mold and mildew.