Different Types of Custom Car Lighting

Car lighting is usually the easiest and simplest type of car customization you can undertake. It also happens to be the last expensive, which means it’s usually the first step for those intent on customizing their vehicles. There are many different options for car lighting, each producing an entirely different effect. However, all must be legal and shouldn't be fitted so that they blind an oncoming driver when you switch to high beams. In general terms, most custom car lighting is actually safer than the lighting that comes from the factory.


Headlights are probably the very first car lighting option when anyone is thinking about customizing. They’re easily identified by other custom car enthusiasts and serve a dual purpose of looking great and improving car safety.

In terms of looking good at night, diamond clear headlights are a favorite choice. They have the unusual feature of lenses made of a number of different angles. These create a wider beam as the light is reflected off of all the separate angles. It also produces a brighter beam than normal headlights. Diamond clear headlights are actually less likely to blind oncoming drivers on high beam when compared to normal headlights. The fact that they come in many different colors is also very attractive to buyers since it offers improved customization appearance.

There are also projector headlights available. These produce a sharp, clear light with very little glare. They are considered to be safe car lighting because other drivers can see you more easily and you will have a better view of the road at night which can be highly beneficial on dark, winding country roads.

Tail Lights

Because of the need for reflectors, reversing lights and turning signals, there are limits to how much tail lights can be customized. This makes them the most conventional car lighting. However, there are custom versions available for different makes and models that offer more separation between the lights with custom surrounds available to fit in with your custom car plans. These make little safety difference and offer a purely cosmetic effect.

Light Bulbs

The simplest customization with car lighting is to use different bulbs rather than fit different lights. As long as your lighting isn’t a sealed unit, you’ll be able to do this fairly easily. Many of the new bulbs are far more energy efficient than the older ones, giving more light while taking less power from the battery.

HGID or High Intensity Discharge lights are very popular with young drivers wanting to make their cars look a little different. They produce a strong beam of light in the same way as LED lights. These lights offer greater driving safety as well as being much more eco-friendly.

Interior Lighting

The most common option for interior lighting these days, and one which helps a car stand out at night, is a strip of colored LED light along the dash or around the rear window. These can be wired directly into the car’s electrical system so they come on whenever you switch on the lights. They’re available in many different colors to suit the car and offer a very effective form of car lighting.