Different Types Of Fuchsias Different Types Of Fuchsias

Fuchsias make beautiful additions to your garden and will thrive if you follow these simple directions. All fuchsias like moderate temperatures and a good fertilizer. Keep the soil moist. Deadhead their flowers and pinch back their stems. Watch for pests and treat accordingly. Know whether your fuchsias are hardy or tender. The main difference between hardy and tender types of fuchsias is their ability to survive colder temperatures.

Hardy Fuchsias

Hardy fuchsias generally do not need extra protection in the winter. Hardy fuchsias tend to be shrub-like and are good for planting in borders or hedges. However, even hardy fuchsias may need extra care in freezing temperatures. If you planted your fuchsias in the ground, you may cover them with a cloth, like a sheet, on very cold nights to protect them from frost damage.

Tender Fuchsias

Tender fuchsias require extra care during winter, or during periods of frost or freezing temperatures. Many gardeners plant their tender fuchsias in containers or hanging baskets, a practice which makes it easier to move them. Move your tender fuchsias at the first signs of frost. Before storing them, trim them back and clean them up. Store fuchsias in a cool area like a garage, shed, attic or basement, where there is no danger of frost. During their storage, water them enough so the roots don't dry out. When the weather warms up, return them to your garden.


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