Different Types of Marble Tile

Marble tile is a popular building material because of its elegant look and durability. Although it is  not the hardest decorative stone, it is one of the most popular. It is a beautiful flooring choice as well as being hypoallergenic. The cost of marble is higher than many other choices, however.

If you decide on marble for your floor, there are several different types of marble tile you may choose. Which type you select will depend on where the tile is being used and the look you want from the tile.

Glazed Tile

Glazed marble tiles have a strong coating or polished finish over it. These tiles have a bright shine to them, and are stain resistant. They retain a shine easily and without waxing, and provide a very hard surface. There’s no need to polish a glazed marble tile. Scratches and dents show easily on a highly polished, glazed marble surface.

Unglazed or Honed Tile

Unglazed or honed marble tile has a natural look and a scratch resistant surface. However, it does absorb stains more easily than glazed, and will require a sealer or special wax. This types are great for high traffic areas, as they are slower to show wear.

Tumbled Marble Tiles

If you are looking for an antique or aged look to your home or office, then tumbled marble may be just what you need. Tumbled marble tiles are placed in a large bin with sand and tossed around. This provides a chipped and rounded tile that looks antique and elegant on a floor.