Different Types Of Marigolds

Marigolds are easy to grow and not too demanding, making them ideal garden plants. They tolerate most soil conditions well and, when in season, tend to bloom throughout. They are bright and colorful in shades of orange and yellow, enhancing the beauty of any garden.

Marigolds can be planted in containers, as borders or with other flowers and plants. You can even dry them and use in decorative flower arrangements. Marigolds are also valued for their medicinal properties, and they emit a fragrance from their flowers, leaves, roots and stems that repels soil nematodes.

French Marigolds

These are small and dainty in appearance, though bushier and 6 to 18 inches when mature. Flowers are small, measuring about 2 inches across, and red, yellow, gold and orange in color. They can also be found in vibrant red and mahogany and even bloom with two colors.

Bloom types for the French marigold are diverse.

  • Single bloom - Consists of one row of petals around the center
  • Carnation - Consists of a fully double bloom with several rows of petals around the center
  • Crested bloom - Center is on a double flower surrounded by numerous short petals
  • Anemone bloom - Consists of one row of overlapping petals around the center

Although the French marigold has smaller blooms, it blooms for a longer period and is not affected by bad weather. You can enjoy these flowers in full bloom from early summer through the fall.

American Marigolds

These are the tallest of marigolds, growing up to 36 inches. They have large leaves and produce flowers that measure up to 5 inches across. They are generally creamy white in color but also bloom in shades of yellow, orange and gold. The flowers bloom in semi or full double form and are sensitive to the length of the day.

Except for the Discovery series—which blooms early in the growing season—the majority of American marigolds bloom fully in mid-summer when the length of the day is shorter.

  • Jubilee (grows to 32 inches)
  • Antiqua (grows 12 to 16 inches)
  • Red Gem
  • Orange Gem
  • Tangerine Gem
  • Lemon Gem

Triploid Hybrids

These are a cross between the French and American marigolds. They bloom earlier than both and range from 12 to 20 inches in height. Of the 3 varieties mentioned, Triploid Hybrids have the largest flowers. It is a hardy species as the plant does not set seed, regardless of stresses in the growing conditions. Notable varieties are the Zenith and Nugget. The Zenith flowers make a striking display, incorporating both the carnation and anemone bloom types.