Different Types of Pesticide

There are several different types of outdoor pesticide controls that are commonly used in the garden and around the house. The two most common are insect pesticides and bird pesticides.

Insects are very common pests that are found around the home. Insecticides target several different stages of insect growth. These include the egg stage (ovicides), the larvae stage (larvicides) and adult stage (adulticides).

Insecticides work most effectively by limiting access to three vital needs of insects – food, shelter and water. Insect pesticides potentially can be extremely toxic and should be used with caution around children, pets and foods.

Bird Pesticides

Bird pesticides are also called avicides. Generally, this type of pesticide is a chemical that is used to kill or eliminate birds. The most common chemical that is used in avicides is strychnine. Other common chemical compounds include DRC-1339 and CPTH, which are both chloro-chemicals. In the past, oil based chemical were used to spray bird colonies.

While chemical insecticides and bird pesticides can be an easy way to get rid of outdoor pests, organic and more ecologically friendly methods exist, such as using natural predator insects or dogs to chase off birds. Ecologically friendly pest control rarely poses the chemical threat to children and pets that insecticides and bird pesticides pose to the environment.