Different Types of Staircases

When adding a staircase to your home, you must first consider which type will look and fit best in your space. Below you will find a quick description of the types of staircases from which to choose.

Straight Staircase

Straight staircases are the most standard and common type. These are just staircases that go straight from one floor to another. The upper landing can be T-shaped, so those who ascend can turn either left or right, or it can be L-shaped so that there is a wall on one side.

Spiral Staircase

This type of staircase fits into almost any small space. The steps progress around a central support pole.

Circular Staircase

A circular staircase can also fit into a small space. The steps wind similarly to those of a spiral staircase, but there is usually not a support pole in the middle. A circular staircase may also have a very wide curve, giving it a very grand appearance.

Elliptical Staircase

This is a type of curved staircase that narrows at the top and bottom with a wider curve in the middle.

Freestanding Staircase

This is a type of staircase beneath which you can walk. Any type of straight or curved staircase can be freestanding. A spiral staircase is technically free standing, but because of their shape, you cannot actually walk all the way beneath them.